What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to provide a broad, general and inclusive fitness program.  This means that it does not specialize in one aspect of fitness, but rather helps train you to be better at all aspects of fitness form strength and agility, to coordination and endurance.  CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, and was originally geared towards police, firefighters and military personnel, but is applicable to anyone who wants to improve their health or ability to complete any task life may throw at them.  CrossFit is unlike other gyms in that all movements are functional, meaning the exercises have real application in the real world.  Today there are over 10,000 CrossFit affiliate gyms worldwide.


Sport of Fitness
CrossFit is not only a fitness regimen, but is also a sport.  In 2007, CrossFit introduced the “CrossFit Games.”  In 2011, 26,000 people participated in the Open (a requirement to qualify for the games).  In 2012, that number more than doubled to 70,000 people from 73 countries, and in 2016 there were over 300,000 participants.  Participation and sponsorship has increased rapidly.  Prize money for the winning competitors in the games has grown from $500 in 2007 to $250,000 in 2011 and 2012, and is now in excess of $275,000.   CrossFit has partnered with companies such as Reebok and Rogue fitness and the CrossFit Games are now televised on ESPN2, bringing attention of the sport of fitness to thousands.


CrossFit Singletrack
Our goal at CrossFit Singletrack is to provide you with the same loving, caring and honest relationship we were so lucky to have been provided with when we first found CrossFit back in 2007.  We vow to keep your safety our #1 concern.  We will consistently better ourselves with knowledge and experience to further enhance your experience within our walls.  Our mission is to spread this insane love for fitness to as many people as possible in the Fruita area and beyond.  You have one body, one mind, and one spirit.  We would love to show you our way of making them stronger, fitter, faster, healthier, and happier.